Give your outdoor spaces a new lease on life with Concrete Grinding Melbourne for Patios.

If the outside areas of your home are looking a little worse for wear and you’re ready to give the space some care and attention, consider the option of concrete grinding Melbourne for patios.

Concrete grinding Melbourne for patios is an eco-friendly flooring solution that can be used in any residential or commercial space. Concrete grinding – if you need a little explanation, is essentially polished concrete with grind and seal – is perfect for all patio and outdoor areas across Melbourne. It’s the ideal solution to keep your outside areas looking tidy all year round. An added bonus for those who experience the dreaded sniffles with other flooring options, this is allergy free!

Concrete Grinding Melbourne for Patios

One of the best aspects about this flooring option is it’s sustainable design qualities because the materials already exist and are right in front of you. But that’s not the end of the benefits. Not that we suggest you give it a try, but if something gets dropped on the floor, it won’t leave a mark because the surface is durable, scratch resistant and you definitely won’t need to worry about spending hours cleaning up the space. Concrete grinding is also a better option to a timber floor surface which has the potential to chip or crack over time.

If you can’t get your head around how it all works, here’s a bit of a rundown. With the use of heavy duty polishing machines that come with diamond abrasive grits we can reach your chosen level of shine or smoothness by just grinding down the floor. Sounds easy right? It is a simple idea, but one best left to the experts who understand the unique complexity of each job. It doesn’t matter whether your floor is old or new or even looking a bit worse for wear, Eco Grind can take care of it for you.

We can help achieve your desired look including acid etching to whether you need a full or partial exposure flooring surface. You also have a choice of matte or high-gloss finish and our sealer product is available in Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane. These are able to be used on all concrete surfaces and comes in either satin or gloss finish.

So if choosing the best look for your outdoor patio is on your mind, why not get in touch with the team at Eco Grind now.