Concrete Floors in Salons – On Trend and Design Savvy 

From fit out to makeover, Concrete Floors in Salons make perfect business sense and transform a room into a space that clients adore.

If you’re setting up a salon and have a design wish list, you cannot go past Concrete Floors in Salons for the most cost effective, practical and trendy finish for flooring – and Eco Grind are the experts to help you achieve this!

Like any workplace, a salon requires interior function and durability as well as something that looks great. Polished Concrete Floors in Salons are extremely hardwearing and easy to clean, with lashings of style that elevates the look. A space like this endures endless sweeping and movement of chairs and trolleys. It’s imperative that the choice of flooring can withstand hours of use without succumbing to scratches or grooves. Concrete is a flooring finish that can do just that.

It’s tempting to talk about concrete floors as having a resurgence in popularity. This isn’t quite accurate, since concrete floors of the past were dusty, uneven and unloved features of a property. Today the inherent strength and beauty of this raw material is appreciated and, with the right products can be stunning addition to a space. Construction and treatment enhance the natural character while finishing the floor to a polished, smooth and clean surface that looks at home in almost any building.

Concrete Floors in Salons

While it’s easy to understand the practical benefits of this flooring option, the versatility in design is where concrete shines. Not limited to raw, industrial spaces; although it smashes this look – concrete floors can be glossy, urban elegance or country chic. It’s all about the finish and the décor. Even existing slabs can be rejuvenated for a stunning outcome, with a little extra character.

Once you’ve polished your slab, chosen your finish and got the look just right, Concrete Floors in Salons does all the hard work by being a floor that’s super solid and so easy to clean for years to come. If you think this might be what your salon needs, get in touch with Eco Grind to make it happen.