Concrete Floors in Restaurants Are Ticking All the 2020 Food Trend Boxes

While trends come and go, it’s reassuring to know that Concrete Floors in Restaurants are versatile enough to always be in vogue.

This year we’re going to see some very exciting trends in the world of food. Trends that are good for the body and good for the earth. Concrete Floors in Restaurants from Eco Grind fit right on in.

There’s some particular fetishes close to customers hearts, like fermented drinks, vegan options and low food miles. But let’s talk in broad brush strokes. Customers are looking for clean, healthy and environmentally responsible practices when they’re deciding where to dine. The zero-waste movement is a classic example of what’s drawing the crowd. Concrete Floors in Restaurants work on every level. The raw material and low maintenance of this flooring product makes it a sustainable and healthy choice. It also complements that raw, stripped back look that customers find irresistible.

Concrete Floors in Restaurants

Another cool trend in the hippest of restaurants is the open concept kitchens. Embracing people’s desire to really understand what they’re about to eat, food prep is being put on display. Concrete floors work seamlessly in this style of establishment as the floor can simply continue from the dining area, through to the working spaces. It’s a flooring choice that’s hygienic, easy to clean and extremely hard wearing.

If you need another reason to ensure your floor is super durable, it’s the younger clientele. Many parents now prefer to include their children in a dining experience and savvy restaurants are catering to a new breed of youthful foodies. Chefs are becoming more ambitious with their children’s menu and offering healthier food options, often incorporating global flavours. While some kids might take a little convincing, parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that they don’t have to order another round of fried nuggets and chips smothered in tomato sauce.

It doesn’t matter what size or style of space you’re working with, Concrete Floors in Restaurants are smooth, stunning and incredibly functional. Different levels of grind and finishes create an individual look to suit your theme and fit in with the latest trend. If you have a concrete question and would like to know more, come and chat to Eco Grind now.