Concrete Floors in Cafes is simply Clever Design That Looks Great

The thriving coffee culture in Australia requires a smart aesthetic that’s appealing and enduring. Concrete Floors in Cafes copes with the busiest of café traffic.

Creating an on-trend space with practical design features is the goal. Concrete Floors in Cafes are a hugely popular way to do this due to their versatile look combined with durable style. Eco Grind has the experience and know how to create the perfect concrete floor for your café.


Eco Grind - Concrete Floor in Cafes


Ask anyone and they’ll be able to tell you the best place to get a coffee. They’ll recommend the location based on the barista’s skill, perhaps price, but more importantly the look and atmosphere of the spot. While they won’t be able to tell you exactly what the flooring is, they’ll know if the space design looks great and works. Concrete Floors in Cafes are so perfect because they are a practical solution owners love, that create an amazing look that customers admire.
Here’s an interesting fact for you. Over 95% of Australian cafés are independent. The café scene in our country is so refined and established that the larger chains haven’t been able to get the foothold here that they have elsewhere.

As well as great coffee, customers seem to be looking for that feel good, personal experience when they order. For most people, it’s more than a cup of caffeine. It’s a vibey space, a friendly smile, a talented barista – and a cup of their favourite blend. They value character and individuality. This means each café can be creative with their unique style. The look and feel of the space is almost as important as the quality of coffee they serve. Polished concrete floors can be incorporated into almost any style of setting. From industrial, warehouse style spaces to cosy, corner cafes. Being able to nail the look while designing a practical and low maintenance result is a win for everyone.

The combination of such a huge customer market and a heightened appreciation of interesting, clever or bespoke design puts cafés in the enviable position of being able to capitalise on both. If you’re making smart design choices and are looking for Concrete Floors in Cafes, talk to us at Eco Grind about a custom solution for your space.