Concrete Floors in Boutiques

Chic and stylish, polished concrete floors is a great flooring choice in boutiques. Not only aesthetically beautiful, it provides many great benefits that so many love. The team at Eco Grind are experienced in creating beautiful and practical floors in a variety of businesses including concrete floors in boutiques.

Thanks to its low maintenance, hardwearing and stylish properties, concrete flooring in boutiques is an option that should be definitely be considered. Providing a high end look, your boutique completed with concrete flooring will no doubt stand out from the rest.  

With a great range of design options, concrete flooring provides a unique look making any space stylish and on trend. From a variety of colours, large or small pebble exposure to high gloss or matte finish, your concrete flooring options are endless. These elements will no doubt add an element of luxe and high end design to a space that was once plain and understated.

Concrete Floors in Boutiques

Besides its unique beauty, polished concrete is a great choice in boutiques thanks to its hard wearing qualities. Withstanding a great deal of foot traffic, no need to worry about chips, dints and scratches. Its resistance from damage make it a popular choice for commercial spaces and areas that deal with heavy foot traffic and heavy items. There is nothing worse than choosing a beautiful flooring option that is easily damaged and looks tired and worn very quickly.

With the 21st century moving towards sustainability, polished concrete is a great flooring choice especially if you have pre existing concrete in your space. With the use of heavy duty machinery, your pre existing concrete will be transformed into a luxe flooring option that does not harm the environment. Its eco qualities don’t stop there. Polished concrete is a cost effective option keeping energy costs down along thanks to its reflective and thermal mass properties. It may be a more expensive option initially, however, in the long run these properties make it an extremely cost effective option.

When it comes to style and design of your concrete floor, your imagination is your limit. Eco Grind can help bring your vision to life and give you the best advice for your space that is beautiful yet functional. Do not leave your polished concrete to any company, Eco Grind are the leaders in the industry providing a knowledgable and professional service from start to finish.