Making A Statement With Concrete Floors In Your Living Area

Concrete floors have not always been the first option for living areas, however this flooring solution has great potential for your home.

Concrete floors for your living areas is not only on trend but has many great properties that are just as appealing as other surfaces. With many misconceived ideas of concrete flooring, there is more than meets the eye with this choice.

Eco Grind - Concrete Floors In Your Living Area

Besides looking aesthetically beautiful, concrete floors are low maintenance, easy to clean and is also a low allergen flooring option perfect for those who have allergies. Warmth and comfort have always been an important aspect when choosing a surface for living rooms, and people forget to consider concrete flooring when making this decision. Concrete floors have thermal mass properties allowing it to absorb and store heat which in result allows your surface to release heat slowly. This is a great property that is very appealing for your home, especially for your living areas.

Besides these great properties, concrete floors come in a range of different styles allowing you to choose a colour and design options to suit your tastes and compliment your colour scheme of your home. With matte, semi gloss and high gloss finishes all available, each can provide a different style to your space. Colours from greys to beige, along with minimal to full aggregate exposure, concrete floors are an extremely unique flooring giving your space an individual touch standing out from other flooring options.

After choosing the desired style and look of your concrete floors for your living areas, it is time to add your furnishings. Furniture pieces, rugs and cushions will help soften the look of your living area and bring warmth and character to your space. Your plush and accent pieces will no doubt help soften the room creating a warm and cosy ambience. Concrete floors allow you to bring as much colour in the room as you want and add whatever furnishings and prints you desire. It is a versatile flooring option that not only looks great but compliments many styles of furniture and accent pieces.

Eco Grind can help bring your concrete flooring to life and allow you to make your living area stylish and on trend.

With our great deal of experience and knowledge, contact Eco Grind today to chat to one of their friendly staff about the great benefits and options you have for your space. With no job too big or too small, ensure you get the best results in the business with Eco Grind.