Concrete Floor Grinding Reservoir – Having to repair floors due to bad craftsmanship of a previous concrete floor grinder is quite common. Our latest job took us to Reservoir where the floors of a residential home was in need of some TLC. Unfortunately, our team here at Eco Grind do witness quite a few jobs where a previous grinder has not completed the job fully with complete care and precision.

Fortunately for the owners our Eco Grind professionals are exactly that, professionals.

We identified the problem – the sealer was lifting, and executed a prompt solution to bring the floors to its full potential! An Eco Grind Regrind, Recoat and Re-seal was carried out on the floor and the results were impeccable. The owners are now left with a correctly sealed floor which will stand the test of time. We always recommend maintaining your floors with a basic cleaning schedule and re-sealing the floors every few years.

Concrete Grind and Seal is the latest in concrete rejuvenation – We can transform your old concrete floors to a modern state of the art finish – Polished Concrete Floors.

Concrete grinding involves preparing the floor and grinding the concrete to transform the look of the existing floor. Using heavy duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond abrasive grits, these grind down the surface of the floor to the desired level of shine and smoothness.

We can grind your existing or new concrete floor surfaces to a matte or high-gloss finish.
No matter what condition of your current concrete floor is, we can evaluate and repair it to convert it into the kind of floor you require.
Acrylic sealer is available in either Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane. These are able to be used on all concrete surfaces, and comes in either satin or gloss finish.

We recommend having a Grind and Seal finish for areas with low traffic.

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Do you require our Concrete Floor Grinding Reservoir in your home or business? Maybe your previous Concrete Floor Grinder left your floors in a state of mess. Give us a call on 0499 777 139 or send us a message for more information.