Are concrete floor finishes the best choice in modern flooring?
With changes in technology as well as trends in fashion, your floors are a perfect way to be able to reflect your individual style and unique taste. In the past, the only options were to cover your concrete floor with a covering. This was often expensive, time consuming and to be honest, could be a complete waste. With the invention and refinement of epoxy and polished floors, you can now add a unique and beautiful touch to your floors – and often at a fraction of the cost. Concrete floor finishes could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
As mentioned previously, advances in technology now mean that polished and epoxy floors are tough and hard wearing. This means years of high traffic are welcomed with little to no maintenance saving you even more money.
The floors can be coloured or stained to suit your décor and colour schemes. Different application methods also means a variety of unique finishes resembling textured marble, timber and even tiled surfaces. The concrete floor finish you choose is only limited by your imagination.
These are perfect for showrooms, industrial sites, workshops and, due to their beauty, are becoming increasingly popular in homes.
An added bonus of modern concrete floor finishes are their hard wearing and robust qualities. As well as colours and tint additives, there are also carefully chosen additives to ensure the surfaces are non-slip, impervious to spillage, and water resistant. These additives are of a high food grade quality, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and can even withstand chemical exposure.
These surfaces are completely certified and again, with your choice of colours, tints and finishes, you are sure to find the perfect concrete floor finishes for your home or business.
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Concrete Floor Finishes