Are you building something new or updating something old? Choose a Complete Concrete Polishing solution to create the perfect canvas for your space.

If you love the look of polished concrete floors, but are new to it all, your first step is to find a company that specialises in complete concrete polishing solutions.

As you begin your journey, it will help to have an understanding of the different types concrete polishing techniques and finishes. We’ve put together a list of the key things you need to know to navigate the complete concrete polishing jungle.

Complete Concrete Polishing
Polished Concrete

A general term referring to the style of flooring surface, polished concrete is the result of grinding a concrete surface with diamond abrasive grits to achieve a desired level of smoothness and shine. This technique can be applied to both new and existing concrete slabs in either your home or business. It is the perfect durable, low-maintenance flooring choice for people who want one less thing to worry about!

Grind and Seal

The grind and seal technique is specifically designed to rejuvenate old concrete. Great for spaces that attract lower levels of foot traffic, grind and seal is fantastic for those who are after a more economical way to enjoy the benefits of polished concrete.

Acid Etching

Also known as exposed aggregate, acid etching is for many the go-to choice for outdoor areas. It involves “washing” the concrete with acid to open the pores, creating a rougher, non-slip surface that is often featured in outdoor entertaining areas, driveways, and pool surrounds.

Complete Concrete Polishing
What Level of Exposure?

Exposure refers to the amount of aggregate – or the level of pattern – you can see in the concrete once it has been polished. Full exposure is when the aggregate is fully visible across the entire floor area, while nil exposure means there is no visible pattern. Random exposure is a mix of the two and is also known as “Minimum Exposure” or “Salt and Pepper” finish.

Complete Concrete Polishing
Which Finish?

Gloss, satin or matte? The final finish all comes down to the level of polishing and the type of sealant used. With the option of acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane sealer, you’ll be able to achieve the look you want for your floors.


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