As a business owner, you always want to show how neat and clean your place of work is, so cleaning can become a daunting task on top of all your other day to day work.


A clean floor in a necessity in a work place. You have to think about your workers and guests and also their safety. There are many Commercial Uses for Polished Concrete however as it is such a verstaile floor that is perfect for commercial and personal use. Here are just a few Commercial Uses for Polished Concrete:

Commercial uses for polished concrete



There are many messy businesses that run out of a factory like mechanics, clothing manufacturers and food processors. Polished Concrete is the easiest floor solution to clean and when you’re working with substances like oil or chemicals. Most substances like these would leave unsightly stains and marks on other flooring types. But if you have polished concrete, oil spills and other messes can be easier to clean because of the waterproof and non-absorbent surface.  Not to mention there is the usual wear and tear with day to day business life; Polished Concrete will last longer and be tougher than other floor solutions.

commercial uses for polished concrete



The office is another great place where Polished Concrete floors can come in handy – both aesthetically and in terms of functionality! Though a traditonal option, carpet in office spaces are harder to clean (meaning a higher cleaning bill) and collect dust and allergens which can mean a higher likelihood of illness in the office.

commercial uses for polished concrete


Cafes/Restaurants or Stores


Cafes, restaurants and stores are also a place to consider Polished Concrete. In a place where your business is frequently visited but families with young children or a high traffic of customers why not equip yourself with a floor that is easy to clean? Spills won’t be a hassle any more!

With a high amount of traffic, floors can easily be scratched or marked – Polished Concrete Floors are scratch resistant and last a long time, keeping that same glossy shine for years to come.

commercial uses for polished concrete


There are many Commercial Uses for Polished Concrete, which is why Polished Concrete Floors are such a popular choice. Whether it is for personal or commercial use, contact us at EcoGrind today for your Polished Concrete Services.