Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing

Commercial floors often bear the brunt of heavy machinery, constant foot-traffic and enormous amounts of stock, which is why it’s important that the flooring you choose is sturdy and low-maintenance. Eco Grind are here to help with our Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing services.

With this in mind, we firmly believe that polished concrete floors are the ultimate flooring solution for your commercial space. They are extraordinarily tough, long-lasting and simple to maintain. Best of all, they look amazing, and will make your commercial space radiate, framing your products with elegant brilliance.

Eco Grind - Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing

Whether your space is a showroom, warehouse or retail store, no other flooring comes close to the perfection of polished concrete flooring. While there are many other fabulous flooring solutions out there, all of them have their own demerits that limit their effectiveness in a commercial environment. 

Take tiles, for example. Tiles are a very popular flooring solution used extensively in commercial spaces, and, while they may be easy to clean, are prone to serious damage. Cracks, dints, degrading grout, and, if you drop something, or something in your space is too heavy, they won’t stand a chance. Carpet, another common choice, may be able to withstand large items, but will simply become so dirty that you’ll have to completely replace it every few years, all while paying for expensive cleaning. 

Professionally polished concrete will stand up to almost anything in your commercial space and will continue to look sharp and clean for decades. Maintenance is extremely cheap – we recommend simply mopping it down with water once a week. While the polishing may make the concrete appear elegant and fancy, it’s still, at the end of the day, a slab of concrete, and retains all the might and power that any well-layed slab of concrete has. 

No matter where your space is, if you’re in or near Melbourne, we’ll come to you! Just give us a call or get in touch through our contact page, and we’ll organise a time to come and evaluate your space at a time that suits you!