Colored Polished Concrete – Most know that concrete can be colored, but what you don’t know is the vast selection of options available at your disposal!

Colored Polished Concrete – Our Eco Grind specialists are about to introduce you to a few options and hopefully guide you or give you a bit of inspiration for your color selection.

There are few ways you can determine the right color for you, we recommend basing it on your personality and tastes.

Doing so will ensure you will not get sick of it in years to come – rather than the color being dependent on a current design trend, you have selected the color based on YOU.

Here are a few ways we can determine the right Colored Polished Concrete for your home:

  1. Your favorite color
  2. Your favorite food or drink
  3. Your favorite sports team
  4. Your favorite piece of art
  5. The colors of the furniture and walls in your home
  6. The interior design of the home, such as modern vs. traditional
  7. Your favorite piece of clothing
  8. Your favorite vacation spot
  9. A photograph you love
  10. Your love for bling – think metallic coatings
  11. A mood you would like to create:
    1. brown = stability
    2. black = sophisticated
    3. gray = practical
    4. red = excitement
    5. orange = energetic
    6. yellow = optimistic
    7. green = refreshing
    8. pink = innocent
  12. Religious symbolism – use colors that represent your beliefs
  13. Take cues from the exterior and interior style of the home or building
  14. Use Color Palette Generator to take any image on the web and instantly generate a dull and vibrant palette. Try playing with some of your client’s favorite personal photos that they’ve uploaded to Facebook or Flickr until you find a palette they like.
  15. Browse the user generated palettes on Kuler for ideas.
  16. Browse our latest work to see what colors people have used for decorative concrete projects.

Colored Polished Concrete

Choosing the right color for you and your home is very important. Here at eco Grind our polished concrete specialists take the selection process very seriously. If you are considering implementing polished concrete within your home or commercial space, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

We would love to hear from you! Let us take some of the stress out of picking the right color for your floor space!