Choose the perfect Polished Concrete Finish with Eco Grind Concrete Polishing’s range of services.

Polished concrete flooring is an excellent choice for factories, homes, offices, and other indoor areas with heavy traffic. It is visually appealing, and it is also easy to maintain, durable, scratch-resistant, and suitable for any home with animals. Choosing the right polished concrete finish is easy when you work with the Eco Grind team.

A polished concrete finish is an attractive finish that is good for your home or business. Here is how companies help you accomplish that.


Choose Your Polished Concrete Finish Melbourne

Executing a multistage process

Whether the concrete is new or old, concrete polishing will provide you with a high-gloss finish that does not require wax or coatings. Compared to other surfaces and floor coverings, polished concrete is easy to clean, low maintenance, durable, and exceptionally attractive. It is also free of dust and mites. In addition, it is pet-friendly.

Similarly to sanding wood, attaining a polished concrete finish can be compared to achieving a smooth surface. Many companies employ a multistage process that involves grinding the floor, applying and sanding grout, hardening the process, and finally polishing the surface to a total exposure or random exposure finish, followed by buffing.


Using materials that are durable and hard-wearing

Floors made of polished concrete are eco-friendly flooring solutions suitable for residential and commercial applications. As Polished Concrete is made from materials already present in the space, it is a sustainable design option.

Eco Grind uses high-power polishing machines (often equipped with diamond abrasive grits) to grind down the surface to the desired level of shine and smoothness. A polished concrete floor is highly durable and won’t chip as they do with other flooring materials, such as wood. 

Polished concrete floors are extensively used in commercial and industrial environments by these companies. The Eco Grind crew has over two decades of experience in creating floors that meet each client’s unique maintenance and aesthetic requirements. Thus, what are you waiting for? Call us today and welcome incredibly resilient and robust flooring that can tackle all sorts of pressure.