Installing a concrete polished driveway has become a trendy new way to improve the appearance of your home.

Previously found almost exclusively in large business buildings, concrete polishing has become increasingly common in residential areas.  It is not limited to inside though – a concrete polished driveway can create great street appeal.

If you’re after a quality driveway solution, polished concrete offers a clean and affordable option. Especially if your house has a natural colour scheme – your concrete polished driveway could be a perfect complement!

Concrete Polishing Process

Polishing concrete has often been compared to the process involved in sanding wood. Machines with diamond-segmented abrasives will grind the surface down until the desired level of smoothness is reached. Gradually, you’ll progress from coarser to finer-grit abrasives to get that smooth and clean appearance. When done correctly, this will result in a stunning, textured finish.  It also creates a non-slip surface, giving you peace of mind.

concrete polished driveway
Steps Involved in Concrete Polishing

The first step is to remove any existing coatings before sealing any cracks with a semi-rigid filler. You then want to grind with something coarse like a 30 or 40-grit metal-bonded diamond. Repeat with finer-grit abrasives up until 150-grit, where you will apply a chemical hardener to densify the concrete. At this point, you’ll want to polish with a 200-grit resin-bonded diamond. Progress to 400 and 800-grit diamonds before finishing at either 1500 or 3000-grit, depending on your desired sheen. Once you’ve done this, you’ve got the option of installing a stain guard to make the maintenance process easier.

Your Natural Colour Scheme with a Concrete Polished Driveway

Your driveway is the support act for your home’s exterior.  Using grind and seal techniques and taking advantage of the unique aggregate exposure for your driveway, you can finish your exterior look with a natural effect.


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