Dark Charcoal Polished Concrete is getting a lot of attention in interior design and architecture these days, and it’s easy to see why.

Suitable for cafes, studios, showrooms, and even your home, charcoal polished concrete is a great choice. Stylish, functional, easy to clean, and hard to damage, this is a wonderful floor for many types of businesses and lifestyles.

Eco Grind - Charcoal Polished Concrete

Charcoal polished concrete is aesthetically pleasing

Dark charcoal may seem like a sombre hue, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most popular new interior design trends. Nothing clashes with this colour, which makes it the perfect canvas to place bright pops of colour or metallics against it.

The economical choice

Polished concrete is a sustainable design option, making use of materials already present in the space. It’s an incredibly durable surface that is not susceptible to scratching, unlike its competitors timber, linoleum, or marble. The hard-wearing surface is also really easy to clean. There is no need for harsh chemical cleaners, and it’s a hypoallergic floor choice. Basically, everyone can live easily on this floor!

Leave it to the experts

Eco Grind can come to your business or home and complete this floor transformation. New or existing concrete can be converted into the floor your desire. Heavy duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond abrasive grits will grind down the surface of the floor until you get the shine and smoothness you want. No matter what condition your current concrete floor is, Eco Grind can assess it for the polished concrete treatment.

Eco Grind - Charcoal Polished Concrete - Burnished

The finer touches

There is a choice of exposure level (full, partial, or nil), giving you anything from sparkle to a salt-and-pepper finish. The sealer application then follows – in your choice of acrylic, epoxy, or polyurethane. You will be left with stunning matte, satins or gloss results depending on your personal preference.


For a charcoal polished concrete floor that will be sure to give your business or home a facelift, get in touch with Eco Grind today.