Concrete looking dull and lifeless? The new slab doesn’t have the sheen you’d hoped for? Cement cut and polish might be your answer!

Cement cut and polish can quickly and efficiently rejuvenate dull concrete floors, injecting them with a vigour and energy that will last for years.

What is cement cut and polish? 

The first step, “cement cutting,” sees robust and powerful grinders erase the top layers of the concrete, removing any blemishes while harmonising the look and height of the floor. The depth depends entirely upon the original slab as well as individual taste and style. Deep cutting exposes more aggregate and forms bold, dynamic patterns, while lighter cutting is less dominating and more subtle. 

After the initial cut is complete, the powerful abrasives are swapped out for a delicate and fine diamond grinder. This is swept over the floor multiple times, progressively amplifying the gloss and sheen of the concrete with each pass. The level of shine will depend upon how long this step is continued, allowing further customisation of the floor’s appearance.  

Cement Cut and Polish

Not just new floors 

In addition to cutting and polishing brand new slabs of concrete, we also offer services specialising in revitalising old concrete floors. No matter how much effort you put into your home and garden, decrepit concrete will destroy your property’s character. While you may have put it off, thinking you’d need to rip up the old concrete and have it re-laid, you can put that worry to rest! Without using any new materials, Eco Grind can have your slab looking as fresh as the day it was poured, an effect that can be maintained for years while being freely reapplied over and over. 


Whether your concrete is new or old, our cement cut and polish technology is guaranteed to yield a sparkling, elegant shine that adds new life your home and décor. Contact Eco Grind today for more information