Celebrity homes with polished concrete floors are the perfect example of style that is available to everyone.

Give your home that luxe feel with concrete polishing.  Like many celebrity homes with polished concrete floors, your own home can shine.

What do Kylie Jenner’s closet, Jay Leno’s airplane hangar and celebrity chef Shannon Bennett’s $4.2 million Great Ocean Road property have in common? Beautiful deluxe polished concrete floors, polished to mirror shine perfection.

The inventor of Minecraft, Markus Persson, beat out JayZ and Beyonce to a mansion complete with a candy room featuring magnificent polished concrete floors. He was so proud he tweeted a photo of himself relaxing in his luxe lolly shop loungeroom. The finish of the polished concrete floor gives the room the feeling of true celebrity. It’s a simple way to bring the lifestyles of the rich and famous right into your home.

Celebrity Homes with Polished Concrete Floors

There is just something special about polished concrete floors. They’re eco-friendly, hard wearing and durable – they don’t chip like timber floors and can make use of materials you already have in your home. Celebrity homes with polished concrete floors most likely feature a high-gloss finish, but concrete floor surfaces can also be finished in a matte style for a more understated glamorous look. The beauty of polishing your concrete floor is that you are bringing out the potential that is already present in your home without having to spend the big renovation dollars that celebrities do.

Give your floor the celebrity treatment and have it diamond ground to bring out its smoothness and shine to reveal it’s true high-glamour self. Then for the final touch, seal in the look with Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane sealant. This will protect your beautiful floor and seal in the celebrity magic in either satin or gloss.

Ready to bring out the best in your floor? Call Eco Grind for an evaluation. They can repair or convert your floor and make it the talking point of your home. 

Celebrity Homes with Polished Concrete Flooring