Can you use a steam mop on concrete floors?

If you’re considering concrete floors for your home or business, you may have questions. A biggie – can you use a steam mop on concrete floors?

This flooring option has so many positives. Durable, stylish, economical. But something many people wonder is, can you use a steam mop on concrete floors? The short answer is NO. But you’re in luck. Concrete floors can be cleaned really easily with only a couple of steps.

How do I clean my concrete floors?
First, that burning question – can you use a steam mop on concrete floors? No, but they’re so easy to clean, you won’t have a need for steam at all. The best way to care for polished concrete floors is with a light microfibre mop and warm water. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, oils or other abrasive cleaning products.

Can you use a steam mop on concrete floors

Concrete floors are durable
Get this – they’re scratch resistant. Polished concrete is a hard wearing flooring solution that suits residential or commercial spaces. They’re not susceptible to chipping and scratching like most other flooring materials, such as timber. They’re also hypoallergenic.

What’s involved?
Heavy duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits will grind own the surface of your floors. You can choose the level of shine and smoothness. Whether your floors are new or existing concrete, our team of experts will evaluate and repair or convert them into anything you require.

What about exposure levels?
You can decide on exposure levels. With full exposure, concrete is grinded down to achieve the maximum exposure of stones. It’s easy to achieve and will give you glossy results. Partial exposure means you’ll see the lightest aggregate possible. It’s harder to achieve, but well worth the effort when you see the salt and pepper finish.

And gloss levels?
Before the project is completed, acid etching will open the pores of the concrete. This ensures the final coating will penetrate and adhere to the surface. Finally, a satin finish is long-lasting and scratch resistant. It’s low maintenance too. However, a gloss finish gives you some real wow factor, making your residential or commercial space really pop.

Your home or business will get a true facelift with polished concrete floors. Contact Eco Grind today and get some fantastic results.