Can You Polish Old Concrete? The Answer is Yes!

In this era of stunning and modern renovations, many are asking the question – “Can You Polish Old Concrete?”

The fact is that this is a wonderful option for people wanting to dress up old, worn, and very grey concrete slabs, turning them into a practical design feature.

To the detriment of our beautiful city – dirty, old, and long-forgotten slabs of concrete are spread all throughout Melbourne. No one is willing to spend the time or money ripping them up, so they stay, spoiling the landscape while wasting away.

It doesn’t have to be like this! Old concrete can be easily polished to perfection using the right tools and know-how. Eco Grind has all this, plus experience – and we are confident we can bring back the long-lost lustre hidden in your concrete slab!

Can You Polish Old Concrete
Polish Old Concrete
Have you ever looked at a slab of concrete and wondered “can I fix this?” The answer is yes!

While the quality of the final product will depend on the condition, most concrete slabs can be restored. We achieve this with advanced grinding and polishing machines which remove the dirty and damaged top surface and reveal the unspoiled inner layers, along with unique aggregate beneath. 

For the Environment

By sending your old concrete to the landfill and pouring a fresh slab, you’re wasting precious and perfectly usable resources. You can make use of what you already have and lessen your impact on the environment through the power of concrete polishing. 

For Your Wallet

Ripping up the old and putting down new concrete is costly work – and you’re the one that has to pay. On the other hand, polishing is comparatively simple and efficient work that can be completed in a short amount of time and uses almost no new materials. This will reduce your renovation costs, allowing you to save money for something else.

For Yourself

Depending upon the slab itself, different levels of exposure (the level in which the small pebbles are revealed) can be achieved. This allows for a wide variety of customisation – finding a look that suits your style. There are also a number of different sealers to choose from.



If you have a drab, unpolished slab of concrete, before reaching for the sledgehammer, contact Eco Grind to get a quote and start the journey towards the polished concrete floors you’ve always wanted.


Can You Polish Old Concrete