Can You Polish Existing Concrete?

One question we’re often asked is, “Can You Polish Existing Concrete?”. The answer isn’t always yes or no, but Eco Grind can assess your concrete to see how we can turn it back to it’s former glory.

Most of the time, existing concrete can absolutely be polished! In fact, polishing existing concrete is usually easy, affordable, and saves a lot of time when compared to laying down a new slab.

Can You Polish Existing Concrete

Of course, the ease of the job depends on the condition of the existing concrete. Particularly in regards to the following factors:

Age: While not a massive issue, older stabs are generally weaker and more prone to damage. If your slab is very old, it can still be polished, but extra care will need to be taken.

Damage: The level of damage to the slab is a powerful factor in determining the quality of the polish. However, fear not! While some bad damage may show up in the final result, cracks, chips, stains, etc, can all be repaired using various methods. However, as it takes extra time to locate and fix all these blemishes, costs may increase. Despite this, it is still likely less effort and money than removing the existing slab and laying down a new one. 

Location: Depending on where your slab is, more complex tools and expertise may be needed to polish it. Is it in your backyard? Upstairs? These locations are more difficult to assess, especially when considering the size of our machinery. . 

Quality: Arguably the next most important factor after damage is the quality of the original lay. If the slab is not level, has blisters (pockets of trapped air), or surface scaling, then a thorough assessment of the slab needs to be carried out before polishing can begin. 

As you can see, existing concrete can be polished! However, the final result will depend on the factors above. If you own a relatively new slab that was laid correctly and has no damage, polishing should be a breeze! If your slab is old, cracked, and uneven, it is still polishable (we love a challenge), but it will take more time and costs will likely increase.

For an assessment on your concrete slab, give Eco Grind a call today!