Can old concrete be polished?

One of the questions we are often asked at Eco Grind is “can old concrete be polished?” and the answer is – definitely! In fact, if you already have a slab of concrete, it makes our job a lot easier and saves you a lot of money!

Even if your slab of concrete is damaged, such as being cracked, chipped or stained, our concrete experts at have the knowledge and experience to reverse most damage to get your slab looking as fresh as the day it was laid!

Eco Grind - Can old concrete be polished?

How we usually do this is by grinding down the surface until the imperfections disappear, then we carefully polish it to the level of shine of your choice, bringing forth lustre and spark and making it look as good as new!

If you have already removed an existing flooring, such as carpet, to expose and use the concrete underneath, we recommend booking our services as soon as possible. This is to prevent further damage to the underlying and now exposed slab so our work can be completed effectively. If you are renovating your house, we also advise removing all carpentry, skirting boards and anything that is in the way that may hinder the final result.

While we cannot promise that all flaws and damage will disappear, we will work with what we have to ensure that whatever can’t be removed is rendered as insignificant as possible. At the end of the day, the results will depend upon the quality of the slab and its current condition.

That being said, our team is composed of concrete aficionados who have been in the industry for decades, and know all the tricks of the trade that are only learnt through experience. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed! Get in touch with Eco Grind today!


So, if you have an old concrete slab and want to get it looking amazing, no matter the damage, we can work together to lift it to its peak potential!