Burnished Concrete Floor: More Than Just A Floor Surface

With polished concrete ever evolving to suit the diverse needs of individuals and their style, burnish concrete floor is currently making an impact within the industry.

Originally used for carparks, warehouses and industrial buildings, burnished concrete floor has found a new following within residential and commercial buildings. Besides looking aesthetically beautiful and a great choice for industrial homes and commercial places, there are so many benefits making this a flooring choice that you should consider.

Compared to the conventional polished concrete that people know and love, burnished concrete has no exposed aggregate and its surface is created differently. Referred to as the finish, burnished concrete is achieved by using concrete burnishers (a mechanical machine) which heats, melts and buffs a coating that is applied to the concrete surface. It is pivotal that the concrete is laid professionally and evenly, as this process depends on a great base to create a flawless and luxe finish.

Eco Grind Burnished Concrete Floor: More Than Just A Floor Surface

Although burnish concrete is a cheaper alternative to other styles of polished concrete, you cannot deny its beauty. Providing a high-end look, burnish concrete floors are a cost effective option which looks great in so many different rooms of the home. From bedrooms, living spaces to bathrooms, this flooring surface can provide a great canvas for stunning furniture and finishes in your space. By adding beautiful rugs and prints, you can transform your area into an interior designer’s dream that everyone will love.

Besides a great option for residential use, it’s also an ideal alternative for commercial spaces including retail stores and restaurants, as it is easy to maintain and on trend. Originally a surface that was purely used for its durability and easy maintenance, it is now a surface that is making a statement and has so many great benefits.

Although there is no grinding involved, it is still a process that needs an expert concrete installer. With a great deal experience in a range of concrete surfaces, Eco Grind has the experience and knowledge to create your ideal flooring choice at the highest quality. Contact Eco Grind today and speak to one of our professional and friendly staff to get everything you need to know about burnished concrete floor and more.