Blue themed offices with polished concrete floors are the new trend in work place design and are proving to be a smart and sustainable choice.

Easy to achieve either from scratch or retro-fit, blue themed offices with polished concrete floors strike the perfect balance between function and aesthetic.

As a colour scheme, blue is the perfect choice for a work space. Research has found that it’s a colour that appeals to both men and women. It has a calming effect and creates a sense of trust and stability. Pair blue themed offices with polished concrete floors and you create an environment that is inviting and productive, with a modern, on-trend interior design.

Blue themed offices with polished concrete floors

The current direction in workplace design is toward a minimalist look with a raw, natural finish.  Polished concrete is hugely suited to this style and is a versatile, durable solution for most applications. Whether polishing a new slab, or an existing one, the end result is stunning.  For an industrial look, polished concrete can be left bare, with raw and recycled furniture finishes.  To soften the space, introduce rugs, comfortable seating and wall decorations. The deep greys and blues produced by polishing concrete blend perfectly with a blue themed space.

Blue Office with Polished Concrete Floors

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When building on the colour palette for your office, start with a key colour focus – either the wall paint, a piece of furniture or an artwork. Create depth and interest to the scheme by introducing different textures and materials, keeping them in harmony with your primary colour. Décor in different shades of blue and complimentary hues, tie the whole look together. Anything from desks to stationary in shades of blue can provide a pop of brighter colour against the muted, natural tones of polished concrete. It will become a workspace people enjoy and admire which can really boost a business’ bottom line.

Blue Office with Polished Concrete

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Concrete polishing is perfect, whether you are creating a new space, or renovating an existing one.  Blue themed offices with polished concrete floors can be the easiest way to create a place people love to work in.

Are you keen to create a stunning polished concrete floor in your office space?  Contact Eco Grind for more information, or an obligation-free quote.

Blue themed office with polished concrete

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