Blue is such a vibrant, brilliant colour, and ought not to be overlooked when you consider reinvigorating the main living spaces in your home – blue themed lounge rooms with polished concrete floors suit any home.

Lounge rooms are the perfect place to entertain guests or have quality time as a family. As such, the decor in your lounge room says everything about what sort of decorators and what sort of people you are. Blue themed lounge rooms with polished concrete floors are sure to be the talk of the town!

Polished concrete floors are relatively light grey in colour, given the base layer of the floor is a plain, simple concrete.  This means that you really do have a blank canvas – blue themed lounge rooms with concrete polished floors honours the integrity of your space, while maximising the impact of your stunning floors.

The many gorgeous shades of blue allow homeowners to customise their lounge rooms in a plethora of ways, allowing you to make dramatic, bold statements with royal blues or play with softer tones for a more relaxed lounge feel.

Do you love the idea of having a blue themed lounge room with polished concrete floors?  Here is some of our favourite blue lounge room inspiration.


Soft Blues for a Tranquil Space
Blue themed lounge rooms with polished concrete floors

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Soft, dusty tones of blue are a perfect complement to polished concrete floors.  The mix of cool tones, teamed with grey furniture, silver and blush décor is one of the most stunning colour palettes we’ve seen.


Bold Blue and White
Blue themed lounge rooms with polished concrete floors

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Light-toned floors can be achieved with a light to nil exposure polished concrete floor surface.  With such light floors you can add a variety of blue tones, just like this gorgeous lounge room.  The brighter blue walls with dark furniture and soft timber elements let the white features and artwork pop.


Peacock Blue for a Regal Look
Blue Lounge Room and Polished Concrete

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This is a shade of blue that has increased in popularity in recent years, and brings elegance and class to any room.  The peacock blue lounge suite makes a big impression against the glossy floors, unique décor and wall panelling.


Touches of Blue
Blue lounge room with polished concrete floors

Photo Credit: Coma Critique Studio

By creating a subtle, grey-themed room to match the polished concrete floors, the added touches of blue, such as the cushions and the feature chair, take this example of blue themed lounge rooms with polished concrete floors into the ever-popular Scandi design zone.


Something Darker!
Blue themed living room with polished concrete floors

For something a little darker, check out this royal blue wall, which has been beautifully paired with a white lounge suite and a unique mix of accessories.


Love blue, but these aren’t quite what you’re after?  Try a soft pastel blue or dark, rich navy, and make your lounge room a space to melt into after long day.

Polished concrete flooring has never been a more popular choice for homeowners. The stunning, shiny surface is an option no one can pass by, each fragment of the flooring its own unique, eye-catching pattern. It alone can give homeowners a modern edge to their property, and will be the focal point of any room, particularly the main living spaces.


For more information about how you can make polished concrete floors the canvas in your home, contact Eco Grind today.