Black Themed Bathrooms with Concrete Polished Floors

Nothing is better than a sleek and modern bathroom – with feature walls, stylish flooring and modern furnishings, a good bathroom can really enhance the entire look and feel of your home.

Black themed bathrooms with concrete polished floors is your next bathroom inspiration.

Picture the feeling of calm as your relax in the cool and calm space, perfect for scented candles to fill the air and offer hints of subtle light. Complemented with the strategic use of either a modern black feature wall, or stunning black decor; really bringing a sense of elegance into ghetto space.

Black themed bathrooms with concrete polished floors are the ultimate bathroom goals. Imagine the cooling sensation of smooth polished concrete on the ground after a warm shower, bringing a new feel to the space.

Polished concrete floors offer a modern industrial feel to any room – versatile enough for the entire home, and absolutely perfect for easy cleaning needs.

The possibilities are endless on how to match polished concrete flooring with colour palate for your home – they pair perfectly with bold paint choices, through to the darkest of tones in homewares and decor. Polished concrete flooring also brings an element of natural look and feel into play, which is the perfect opportunity to bring greenery and plants into your bathroom space to really bring a sense of tranquillity into play

This colour palate of both black in contrast with concrete offers a stunning alternative to a general white space – it builds character and offers and experience like never imagined

The light colouring and look of polished concrete works to lighten up any space, making it even more of a creative choice for your next home renovation.

For your next home renovation, look no further than black themed bathrooms and polished concrete floors. You really won’t be disappointed!

Black Themed Bathrooms with Concrete Polished Floors