Your new floors look amazing, but now you need to choose the best appliances for polished concrete floors.

Once your brand new Polished Concrete Floors have been laid, smoothed and shined, the next thing to do is find the best appliances for polished concrete floors – to get the most out your floors and keep them looking fresh!

Here are our best appliances for Polished Concrete Floors!

Multi-functional Cleaners

Multi-functional cleaners utilise the latest technology to save you time and effort by putting three levels of floor care into one machine. In particular, Bissell have a fantastic range of multi-functional cleaners perfect for Polished Concrete Floors. The one best suited to your needs would be the CrossWave, which vacuums, mops and dries your floor all in a single action! These functions, especially the mopping and drying are crucial in keeping your Polished Concrete Floors sleek! 

Best Appliances for Polished Concrete Floors
Vacuum Cleaners

Getting a new floor makes for a great reminder to update your vacuum cleaner, and there’s nothing we can recommend more than LG and Dyson’s incredible and well-priced collection. While the usefulness of a multi-functional cleaner can’t be understated, sometimes what we need is the power of a dedicated vacuum cleaner. LG and Dyson both offer products of a similar quality, however, LG’s prices are generally higher. If you decide to purchase a vacuum you should still get yourself a mop, as simply vacuuming is not enough to return your polished concrete flooring to its finest.  

Steam Mop

After a careful vacuum, a steam mop is required to ensure your polished concrete is truly clean. There are plenty of great brands offering reasonably priced steam mops with the latest technology. A steam mop does what a regular mop just can’t do. A deep, warm and moist cleanse that picks up all dirt and eliminates all smudges with a stunning finishing shine. A steam mop is also generally cheaper than a multi-functional cleaner. The only con to a steam mop is that you also need to either quickly dry your floor manually (unless it has a drying function) or leave it to dry naturally, which risks dust and other dirt getting stuck onto the floor.


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