Berwick Concrete Polished Floors – Our friendly team of Concrete Polishers here at Eco Grind were out and about at Berwick on a mission to transform a family home with our renown Polished Concrete Floors.

Berwick Concrete Polished Floors – The family chose a beautiful color which compliments the room and surrounding spaces beautifully.  Polished Concrete Floors gives any space an everlasting, timeless appearance that is easy to keep looking fresh, modern and stylish.

Polished concrete floors are soon becoming the most favored type of floor within homes and commercial spaces. We can’t stress enough how simple it is to maintain polished concrete floors – At the end of each day where the floor has been used, doing a general clean with a dust mop is a great measure to maintaining polished concrete floors. Microfiber mops are very much recommended, cotton will do the trick as well, and if all else fails a soft bristle push broom or a regular broom will be better than nothing! (Read More Here)

Aside from being easy to maintain, Polished Concrete Floors are a great choice for sufferers of asthma and allergies. The concrete flooring does not support mold growth and won’t trap the dust and dust mites that other floor coverings do. This is a suitable floor solution to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. (Read More Here)

EcoGrind, Polished Concrete Floors Berwick are experts in polishing concrete floors. Using state of the art concrete grinding equipment, we first grind down the very top layer of the existing concrete to bring out the stunning pebble aggregate sitting just under the surface.

This is then given a polish and a sealant, in colors and styles to suit any space in any size. The end result is a gorgeous floor that is easy to clean and maintain, long lasting, allergen resistant and stain resistant to everyday spills.


Eco Grind – Berwick Concrete Polished Floors


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