Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors in Summer

From ease of maintenance to passive design, we could talk for days about the benefits of polished concrete floors in summer! 

Put simply, the benefits of polished concrete floors in summer make it the perfect flooring solution for those who value time, energy and the environment.

So what are the key summer benefits of polished concrete floors?

Easy to Clean

This is a top priority for busy Melbourne families.  When you are trying to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather, school holidays and extra time out, the last thing you want to be concerned with is every little spill or activity that could damage less durable flooring materials.  Polished concrete can withstand just about anything, and allow you to relax while the kids enjoy their free time.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors in Summer


It’s not an Aussie summer if people aren’t getting waterlogged, whether it is in a pool, on a slip ‘n’ slide, or the result of a barrage of super soaker fire.  There are many types of flooring that can’t handle dripping wet bodies – but polished concrete can!  Polished concrete inside, acid etch outside, and a hassle-free path to the bathroom.  Remember to talk to your polished concrete contractor about anti-slip surfaces.

Energy-Efficient Cooling

Keeping your house cool easily and reducing your ongoing cooling costs has to one of the greatest benefits of polished concrete floors in summer.  While the thermal mass qualities of concrete makes it a great option in winter, it is also a hero in the hot weather.  For this reason, most passive design homes – or eco-homes – have concrete bases.

This is especially true for slab-on-ground constructions.  The weather-regulating properties of the humble concrete slab are increased when the slab is in direct contact with the ground… otherwise known as earth coupling.  In summer, this allows your stunning polished concrete flooring to draw significant heat loads away from the surface.

No matter what climate you live in, polished concrete floors make a great base to enjoy all of the wonderful things about the Aussie summer months.

Contact Eco Grind today, and make your concrete slab one of the greatest assets in your home.