polished concrete floors

Do you love the look of polished concrete floors in cafes?

Have you just bought a cafe and need to fix it up before it opens? Or does your cafe need the floors revived? No matter which of these situations you’re in, polished concrete floors in cafes are an option to seriously consider.

Polished concrete is defined as concrete that has been processed through a series of steps to mechanically grind the concrete to its polished state. A key step involves using a concrete hardener to make the concrete both hard and dust proof.

So what are the benefits of these polished concrete floors in cafes?

An obvious benefit of polished concrete floors in cafes is its durability. Cafes are businesses that attract a lot of traffic, so a durable floor is needed under the feet of its many customers. Polished concrete is also hard to crack or damage.

polshed concrete floors

Polished concrete floors in cafes also provide a crucial benefit in its polished nature. Polished concrete is dust free, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and easy to clean – crucial benefits for a food and beverage business. These benefits prevent slipping hazards for both customers and employees, prevent allergic reactions, and save time with cleaning.

Another benefit of polished concrete floors in cafes is the unique look of each individual floor. Polished concrete floors are never boring, they are vibrant and have their own aggregate fingerprint. The pattern from polished concrete comes from its finish. If there is a specific look you are going for, it would be best to speak to your contractor to determine what would work for your cafe.

The benefits of having polished concrete floors in cafés are countless. The team at Eco Grind has been helping café owners polish their concrete floors for many years. Contact Eco Grind today to make your café floor shine!