For the ultimate crisp, clean and stylish space make blue themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors your inspiration.

It sounds a little specific, but in fact if you narrow down your search to something like ‘blue themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors’, you can then focus on getting the details right.

When renovating or decorating, blue is really one of the most versatile colours there is. It’s particularly suited to the bathroom where a crisp, clean vibe is exactly what you need. Whether you introduce the colour through tiling, paint or decor, blue provides an instant lift and looks particularly striking against the white porcelain of baths, basins and suites. Combine the versatile colours of blue themed bathrooms with polished concrete floors and you will be amazed at the sleek, edgy look of your new space. 

Whether it’s a new or existing slab, polished concrete is hardwearing, easy to clean and looks stunning.  While there are a range of tiles that imitate a polished concrete look, it’s easier than you think to get the real thing and as a bathroom flooring option it works on so many levels. The muted tones of polished concrete reflect shades of blue perfectly and ties that whole crisp, stylish look together.

Although it works equally well with neutrals or more dramatic colour schemes, blue can create a different effect depending on its tone. Warmer tones create a space that feels cosy, while cooler tones are perfect at making small spaces appear bigger. If you are going for a calming, zen-style room or a beachy feel, think hues that reflect the sky or sea.  

Unique Blue

Blue Themed Bathrooms with Polished Concrete Floors

We’re going to start with our favourite blue themed bathroom of the lot!  There are a number of different elements, but they all work together so harmoniously that the room feels so inviting.  The last thing you want is a floor that competes with the rest of your design choices, and polished concrete adds a luxurious feel without vying for attention.

Quirky but it Works!

Blue bathroom with polished concrete floors

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This stunning design combination is supported beautifully by polished concrete floors.  Every part of this room is like a modern art gallery!

Denim Look Bathroom

Blue themed bathroom with polished concrete

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A small space doesn’t necessarily mean having to pare back the style factor.  The denim look walls in this small bathroom space really does work.  Polished concrete floors would be the ideal addition to this room.

Traditional with a Touch of Country

Blue bathroom with polished concrete

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Or is it relaxed traditional, or just a straight out country feel?  There are a number of design elements in this room that come together so well – the feature wallpaper, the royal blue bathtub and the blue and white marbled benchtops.  We feel it is bringing together a few different styles and we’re fans!

Soft and Subtle

Blue themed bathroom with polished concrete floors

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You don’t need to go bold to make a statement.  The soft blue walls in this bathroom are just a lovely support act for great, solid design, good quality materials and the crisp white contrast.


Now that you have your design focus, have fun choosing decor and finishes to pull it all together. Create your own blue themed bathrooms with polished concrete for the ultimate in stylish, modern interior design.

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