Considering revamping your home or business with polished concrete floors? With style and practicality, it is a great flooring option for so many reasons.

Polished concrete floors not only look great, they are eco-friendly, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic. When done by professionals, you will be left with a stunning result and a real wow factor.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

Most flooring surfaces are slippery to some degree, some are just more slippery than others. Laminate, hardwood, and wet tile floors can be a cause for accidents. Meanwhile, marble and ceramic tile can be slippery even when dry. Polished concrete is not 100 percent slip-free, but comparatively they present a less slippery option. For outdoor areas, you may consider grind and seal concrete instead as they are a more slip-resistant surface.

The Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Polished concrete is an eco-friendly flooring solution that is suitable for any residential or commercial space. It makes use of materials that are already present in the space, making it a sustainable design option. They are also hard-wearing and durable, and won’t chip like other flooring materials, such as timber and marble. Polished concrete floors are incredibly easy to clean. You won’t have to use harsh chemical cleaners. This means the floor surface remains hypo-allergenic, so your family and pets can live and play freely.

The Process

Eco Grind can evaluate and repair or convert your surface into the floor you desire. With heavy duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits, they will grind down the surface of the floor to your desired level of shine and smoothness. With full exposure, we can take the floor right down to its lowest aggregate (sand and stone), leaving you with remarkable results. If you prefer a rustic yet modern look, partial exposure is your best bet as it leaves the floor with a unique salt and pepper finish. Nil exposure is the most complex to achieve but Eco Grind are true professionals who can get this job done well.

Acid etching will open up the pores of the concrete, allowing sealers to be applied and absorbed properly. You have a choice of acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane and they come in a satin or gloss finish.


Concrete floors look amazing and they are a great surface on which to live and work. Give your home or business the facelift it deserves. Contact Eco Grind to find out more.