Are Polished Concrete Floors Cold?

Polished concrete floors can make your home, office, patio, kitchen, and pretty much any surface look beautiful. However, if you wonder, “are polished concrete floors cold?” you may be in for a surprise.

Polished concrete floors have insulation properties, so that means they can retain temperatures that you like depending on the season. We think this is a massive advantage because the weather in Melbourne can vary.

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Warm in winter and super cool in summer

Other types of flooring like timber or even tiles may not have the same amount of thermal mass that a slab of concrete possesses. This gives it the distinct advantage of excellent insulation. So, let’s say you want to retain the coolness in your room, draw your blinds, and turn on the air-conditioner; the floor will also be cool.

The reverse is also true. So, in winter, if you have turned on the heater or have had the sun hit the floor, it will retain that warmth and keep you feeling nice and cosy indoors. 


A few more reasons to switch to polished concrete flooring
  • It is sustainable and makes use of materials already available in the space. It is also tough to break and is more durable than timber or tile.
  • Thanks to its unique design ability, polished concrete can be used anywhere- from your kitchen to your bathroom, study, or office.
  • It is a far more eco-friendly option, especially when compared to timber. To make your floors look stunning, you don’t need to contribute to deforestation.
  • It can be made to look the way you like it. It is polished, but you can decide the amount of exposure you want. So you can choose between a highly-polished or glossy finish or a finish with a matte effect. Most service providers make use of polishing machines with abrasive diamond grits to grind the surface and bring you a desirable finish.


Even if you do experience damage to your flooring, you can get in touch with your service provider for a quick fix. It’s easy and simple to maintain as well. If you are looking for polished concrete floors in Melbourne, then call us to discuss your options.

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