With polished concrete floors being a popular industrial design trend, there is no need to compromise warmth and comfort in the home when choosing this style of flooring.

Concrete polished floors are a versatile choice for the home, however many people ask us, “Are Polished Concrete Floors Cold in Winter?”

This is a big misconception, and the question whether concrete polished floors are cold in winter has been misconstrued. Most styles of flooring do get cold in cooler months, however, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to polished concrete


Eco Grind - Are Concrete Polished Floors Cold in Winter


Thanks to the heaviness and density of polished concrete, thermal mass heating will provide warmth and comfort within your home. Thermal mass heating is the ability of a material to absorb heat, and, polished concrete has these properties. Thanks to its density, polished concrete is known to have high thermal mass compared to light weight products, such as timber floorboards which have low thermal mass. Compared to thinner materials such as timber, polished concrete have the ability to store the warmth and omit the heat slowly to provide a warm surface.


Gaining solar through the windows will allow your floors to absorb the heat quickly and release slowly. Having your home face north side will allow your home to receive the best sunlight during winter. Houses facing south do not get much winter sun which makes it harder for your floors to receive the winter rays.


To receive the winter rays, house orientation is key, however if your home does not have a north orientation, do not be deterred from this style of flooring. Polished concrete flooring can receive radiance of heat through fireplaces and heaters. Whether a house is north or south facing, heating should be considered in areas you have this style of flooring. Along with heating, choosing a dark concrete surface will also help absorb the heat from the sun.


So are concrete polished floors cold in winter? Yes they can be, however many popular flooring choices are cold during the winter months without heating and thermal mass heating. The difference compared to other flooring materials is that polished concrete has the capability to absorb heat and omit the warmth slowly, which is a great property for the winter months.


With so many wonderful properties of polished concrete including its ability to provide warmth through thermal mass heating, it is also a sustainable flooring choice, along with being extremely durable and low maintenance, gaining the attention of homeowners. It is also a great flooring material for children and pets thanks to its non toxicity, and its odourless and stain resistant properties.

Polished Concrete – Cool In A Warm Way

With Eco Grind’s expertise in polished concrete floors, they will be able to answer all your questions and provide the best advice especially when it comes to the warmth they provide.  Priding themselves in great customer service and knowledge, you will be extremely happy with their service and quality of work.

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