If it’s an area of your home you like to spend a lot of time, why not jazz it up and add that extra value by turning it into a polished concrete patio.

Eliminate the dull and drab look and give your outdoor area a little lift, adding to the aesthetic appeal with a polished concrete patio.

Turning your old slab into a polished concrete patio is easier than you think. At Eco Grind, we use heavy-duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond abrasive grits. These grind down the surface of the floor to the desired level of shine and smoothness.

Polished concrete, acid etching, and grind and seal are all great options for patios. They can add a tonne of value to your home and they look amazing. Plus they are hard-wearing and durable, the perfect spot to entertain kids when it rains or is too hot out in the yard, and even visitors for an afternoon of drinks and nibbles.


Eco Grind - Polished Concrete Patio

There are many advantages to be gained from using polished concrete for your patio area. It’s a modern design that’s simple and complements everything around it. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and you won’t see any pesky little weeds growing through the surface. There is nothing that can be scratched, damaged, or even worn away by the constant stream of foot traffic. Plus as an added bonus, polished concrete is low maintenance. This makes it the best and easiest surface to clean, which we see as a win-win for everyone!

Not only is polished concrete great for your patio, but can also be used in multiple areas in and around your home including driveways, walkways, pool and garden areas as well as internal flooring.

Is polished concrete on your to-do list? Our team can discuss all your polished concrete options with you and help you work out what you need. Call the friendly service team at Eco Grind to find out more.

Eco Grind - Polished Concrete Patio Melbourne