Acid Washed Concrete Floors

Acid washed concrete is becoming an increasingly popular flooring solution, as it can be used in many areas in any commercial or residential space.

With many options to choose from such as colour, finish and size of the aggregate; acid wash concrete flooring is an exceptional choice for your flooring needs. 

Acid Washed Concrete Floors work a little different to our polished floors. To get your desired look, we’ll need to lay a fresh slab as all the beautiful stones and colours are in the new concrete pour. We’ll then removed the first few millimetres of concrete using a type of acid wash (hence the name!) which will leave you will a gorgeous concrete floor to last for years!

Acid Washed Concrete Floors

While you can have acid washed floors inside your home, it’s best suited for outdoor applications. Some great areas for acid washed concrete are around wet areas, such as swimming pools and spas and creating beautiful path ways and steps around your property.

Imagine an iconic acid washed driveway as you pull up to your home – driveways are the most popular use for acid wash concrete.

Concrete flooring is a great choice as it is hard wearing and long lasting. These floors are immune to damage that other flooring materials may be vulnerable to. For example, concrete floors won’t chip like wooden floors, or crack like tiled floors. Acids

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