Acid Washed Concrete Driveway – Practicality and Style

Planning on a new acid washed concrete driveway, or renovating an existing slab for a new look? Eco Grind are the acid wash experts.

Acid washed concrete is one of the biggest driveway trends and is loved for its artistic flair and long-lasting durability!

What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing uses a spray of chemicals to remove the top layer of concrete while adding unique patterns. The process strengthens the concrete’s surface, making it weather-resistant and extremely durable. It covers up blemishes and is impervious to scratching and other damage. An acid washed concrete driveway is also easy to maintain and low-slip, making it a safer and more convenient alternative to other surfaces.

A Huge Range of Colours and Styles!

Different techniques, materials, and acid allow you to personalise your concrete driveway! You can customise its colours and patterns, allowing unity with the surrounding architecture combined with your own creative sense of design.

Acid Washed Concrete Driveway
Acid Washed Concrete Driveway
Both New and Old!

We can work with both new and old slabs of concrete. If you’ve just had a fresh slab laid and are not happy with the style, our concrete experts can use the latest acid-washing technology to adjust its look to your satisfaction. If your concrete appears old and decrepit, we have the knowledge, skill, and tools to bring it back to life! Of course, if you want 100% control, we suggest working together from the start to design and lay a fresh concrete slab to suit your personal wishes!

Create a Concrete Network!

One popular option with our customers is a complete cohesive path network connecting your driveway with your front and backyards. Using our concrete pouring and acid washing techniques, we can design paths that unify your block. Transform your property into the ultimate entertainment space!


For a distinctive look that will be the envy of your neighbours, call the team at Eco Grind for more information about an acid washing concrete driveway today!