Acid Wash Finished Concrete is a suitable for choice for many outdoors areas. Along with its durability, it provides an aesthetic beauty for your space.

Also known as exposed aggregate, acid wash finished concrete is extremely versatile. From driveways, patios, paths, and verandahs, there is simply no space too big or small for this surface option.

Besides its design advantages, there are so many wonderful benefits of acid wash finished concrete. Its eco-friendly properties make it a sustainable option, giving you peace of mind that you are doing your part for the environment. Along with these factors, acid washed concrete is a durable option – it is scratch resistant and won’t chip like many other surfaces. Being hypoallergenic, it is also a winner for those who have allergies.

Eco Grind - Acid Wash Finish Concrete

Concrete does not have to be boring!

Many people have the misconception that concrete is only available in grey. This, however, is not the case. Acid washed finished concrete is available in a range of colours, enhancing outdoor areas and complementing the theme of your space. Whether you are working on new or existing slabs, the Eco Grind team can help you get the finish your desire.

Outdoor living areas, driveways, and external paths are all great spots to apply this finish. Easy to maintain and clean, acid wash concrete is an enticing option. You can relax knowing that your space will look amazing well into the future.

Whether it is a small or big job, Eco Grind is experienced in all aspects of acid wash finished concrete. Servicing all areas of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, we have countless past clients who continue to enjoy their outdoor entertaining spaces with family and friends.

Providing a finish that is second-to-none, Eco Grind’s friendly staff will help answer all your questions and provide knowledgeable advice to help achieve a great result. Contact us today to get a quote from the best in the business.

Eco Grind Concrete - Acid Washed Finish Concrete