When we think about acid wash, images of acid wash denim jeans come to mind. But did you know that driveways, patios & pathways look amazing when given the acid wash concrete finish? Eco Grind can transform almost flooring space into a gorgeous room with our acid wash concrete finish.


Acid Wash Concrete (also known as Acid Etch Concrete) has been a speciality and a favourite of Eco Grind customers for many years. It’s the perfect finish especially for outdoor areas such as:

  • Around pool and wet areas
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Driveways
  • Pathways


The finished product is a stunning, textured effect that is non-slip, easy to maintain and long lasting. With a choice of colours to choose from, an acid wash concrete finish can compliment any space around your home.


Take a look at some of the Acid Wash Concrete jobs that Eco Grind has completed for our very happy customers:


Acid Wash Concrete Driveways

Imagine coming home driving into a glorious acid washed driveway, such as this one completed by Eco Grind.

Your guests and even the local postie will be impressed and even a little envious, of this gorgeous feature.






Acid Wash Patio

Eco Grind - Acid Wash Patio

This family outdoor area was an existing concrete floor. Once repaired, Eco Grind then used our Acid Wash techniques to give this floor area was an existing concrete floor. Once repaired, Eco Grind then used our Acid Wash Concrete techniques to give this floor a wonderful finish that the family and guests can enjoy for years to come.





Combining Acid Wash with other finishes:

Here in this photo, you can see how two different concrete finishes – Acid Wash & Grind and Seal – look great together. This was completed for a driveway and garage in Lyndhurst.





Acid Wash Concrete Steps:

Eco Grind - Acid Wash Concrete StepsOur Acid Wash finish isn’t limited to flat spaces, Eco Grind can create a visually impressive acid washed steps for your home entry, or for anywhere else around the home.

Acid Wash Concrete – Eco Grind


Want to know more about how Eco Grind can create Acid Wash Concrete floors for your home or business?


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