The cold of Melbourne’s winter is the ideal time to start prepping your outdoor areas with Acid Wash Concrete.


Acid Wash Concrete - Get Ready for Spring

With no one daring to step outside amongst the rain and freezing temperatures, it’s best to get these jobs out of the way now so you won’t miss out when it’s finally warm enough to use them. Let’s take a look at some of the places where acid wash concrete can work its magic around your property!


Acid washing will instantly make your patio look a million bucks! The process brings out darker, deeper hues that will transform your outdoor entertainment space from a dull, forgotten corner into a BBQ wonderland. You’ll love sitting outside once the temperature warms up.


The patchy, intricate patterns born from acid wash treatment gives otherwise drab driveways a stylish, sleek look. It ties together your entire property with the finishing touch you never knew it needed. Being tough, it will be able to handle wear and tear from your vehicles with ease and hide the blemishes caused by weather.


Along with storage and work, garages serve as fantastic entertainment areas to host gatherings. So don’t go neglecting the acid washing treatment it deserves! Plus, the natural appearance of acid washed concrete will also hide things like oil stains and more, making it just as durable and suitable for work as it is stylish.

Garden Paths 

There’s no better way to fritter away the day than by wandering about your own garden. Acid wash concrete paths will make your garden look even more spectacular – enhancing all the hard work you’ve put into styling it!


So, while everyone is huddled inside with the heater, take the opportunity to contact Eco Grind for an obligation free chat and quote. We’ll help you get your outdoor areas ready for a brilliant spring!

Acid Wash Concrete - Prepare for Spring