Start 2021 with a bold and striking statement with an Acid Etched Concrete Driveway.

A fresh driveway upgrade has the power to reinvigorate and revamp your property without the work and cost of full-scale renovations.

While there is a world of choice out there, our number one recommendation is always an etched concrete driveway for the front of your home.

Acid etched concrete provides a modern, yet welcoming look with a wealth of colour combinations. You’ll be able to shape a custom driveway complementing your home while standing out from your neighbours.

Acid Etched Concrete Driveway
What is Acid Etching? 

As its name suggests, acid is used to etch patterns onto a concrete slab while creating a protective barrier. The finished product is sturdy, weather-proof, and boasts a strong, non-slip finish that will grip even when wet. The acid burns form interesting, dynamic markings ensuring a one-of-a-kind flair that will truly stand apart!

Why is Acid Etching Good for Driveways?

Driveways shoulder a heavy load! Apart from supporting multiple vehicles, they bear the brunt of Melbourne’s fierce weather, while oil, petrol, and other messes stain and disintegrate the surface. Acid etching, however, creates a rough, variegated surface dotted with patterns covering up marks, scratches, blemishes, and stains. This means, no matter how much damage it takes, the driveway will continue to look sharp throughout the years! 

What’s Wrong with Regular Concrete Surfaces?

Think of it this way: regular concrete is carpet while acid etched concrete is floorboards. Which would you rather spill wine on?

While regular concrete is lovely, as explored above, it’ll be no time at all before discolouration and damage starts to show. After that, it will become decrepit and worn, ruining your property and costing you money to repair. Regular concrete can also become slippery when wet, making it a poor choice for an outdoor traffic area, especially one that potentially comes in contact with oil.


With this article, we hope you’re convinced that driveways and acid etched concrete go together like bread and butter. With stunning patterns forming an elegant design with edgy modern flair, plus unrivalled dependability and toughness, your property’s new look is here! 

Contact the team at Eco Grind to find out more about creating an etched concrete driveway for your home.