Acid Etch or Grind and Seal? A Guide to External Concrete Finishes 

Once you’ve decided on concrete as your flooring solution, it’s time to start thinking about your top options for external concrete finishes! 

While there are a few different external concrete finishes to choose from, the two main options are Acid Etch and Grind and Seal. With their own unique style and benefits, it can be a difficult decision! Let’s break them down. 

Acid Etch 

Acid etch concrete is created by partially dissolving the concrete’s surface with an acid solution. The resulting unique patterns form an artistic look that will never be the same twice! 

Why Should I Choose Acid Etch?  

Acid etching creates a sturdy finish that conceals blemishes, keeping your concrete looking fresh! While still feeling smooth, its extra grip will reduce slipping even when wet, making it perfect for patios and pools. The fascinating patterns formed by the acid will spice up your home while also opening up the concrete’s ‘pores,’ allowing any colouring to penetrate deeply and have a more pronounced effect. As it is available in a huge variety of colours and styles, Eco Grind will work together with you to find a solution that matches your taste! 

External Concrete Finishes
Grind and Seal

For grind and seal concrete we use machines to grind the surface layer down to your desired level before sealing it up with a glossy or matte coating. 

Why Should I Choose Grind and Seal? 

As many concrete slabs do not possess the quality to give off a natural shine just from polishing, the grind and seal technique guarantees a flawless and professional gloss on any slab of concrete. Grind and seal is also extremely low-maintenance and well-priced. Its sleek, industrial complexion will instantly modernise any space. We can also customise the colour and size of the aggregate, allowing you to personalise your look. 

For more information about acid etching or grind and seal external concrete finishes, contact Eco Grind today!