Paths, patios, driveways, pool areas – the clever and effective use of an Acid Etch Concrete Finish will completely transform your outdoor area.

One guaranteed and quick way to add value to your property is with creative landscaping. And, as all good landscapers know, an acid etch concrete finish is the perfect choice!

Within the numerous styles of concrete available, our recommendation for outdoor use is an acid etch concrete finish. Here is why!

What makes acid etch concrete so good?

Acid etch concrete is slip-proof and resistant to scratching, making it ideal for outside use. As it has been washed with an acid spray, the surface is more porous prior to sealing. This also gives it the power to swat away whatever Melbourne’s weather throws with ease.

Eltham Acid Etch Full Exposure
Tough, but stylish!

Just because acid etch concrete is tough, doesn’t mean it isn’t stylish! There are a huge range of colours and patterns available, allowing customisation to match your personal preferences and elevate your property to the next level.

What actually is an acid etch concrete finish?

Using the disintegrative properties of acid, the top surface of concrete is removed, creating distinct patterns, a strong grip, and weather-proof finish. Acid etched concrete is then sealed to protect it from the elements.

Why can’t I use polished concrete?

While polished concrete, with its protective seal and sleek finish, looks amazing and is perfect indoors, it is not as weather resistant or scratch-proof as other concrete types. Even though it may look good for some time, it’ll lose its shine and need to be retouched often to bring back its peak lustre. The glossy smooth finish can also be slippery when saturated by rain or pool splashes!


If you are curious and would like to know more about our acid etch finish, contact Eco Grind today. Our expert team will provide an obligation-free assessment and quote.


Acid Etch Concrete Finish