If you’re looking to spice up your space but would prefer to tone down the look of ultra-glossy floors, Semi-Gloss Concrete Floors are the choice for you!

Exuding an aura of sophistication, class, and style, semi-gloss concrete floors have all the benefits of glossy concrete minus the extra shine. 

What are Semi-Gloss Concrete Floors? 

Put simply, gloss refers to how shiny your floors will be. While high-gloss sparkles with a dazzling brightness brimming with life and lustre, its effect isn’t for everyone. Depending on your home’s orientation and design, high-gloss sometimes reflect more, requiring more care when it comes to cleaning and dusting.

Semi-gloss, on the other hand, tones down the glossiness through reduced polishing and buffing, resulting in a final product that gleams with beauty in its own unique way.

Semi Gloss Concrete Floors
What is Semi-Gloss Concrete Good For? 

While you are free to pick whatever flooring suits your style, we believe semi-gloss concrete works extremely well in kitchens, homes, and offices. While showrooms and retail stores may oftentimes benefit from the flair of a high-gloss finish, it can quickly grow tiring for those who have a more subdued style.

Semi-gloss also complements most interior décor, having the potential to be both cosy and industrial depending upon your furnishings. This flexibility is severely limited with higher gloss levels, which stand out more and, depending on the overall space, work better with minimalistic décor. 

What About Exposure? 

If you’ve been researching concrete floors, you’re likely familiar with the terms ‘exposure’ and ‘aggregate.’ Aggregate refers to the stones and pebbles mixed within the concrete, while exposure is the level in which they are grinded down and exposed. Thankfully, semi-gloss works well with all levels of exposure, from high to zero, allowing you to combine it with the look you’ve been wanting.  

If semi-gloss concrete floors seem like the best fit for you, contact Eco Grind today and we’ll arrange an obligation-free quote.