The crisp, clean style of White Themed Kitchens with Concrete Polished Floors is a trend you need to be embracing if you are planning a makeover to the heart of your home.

It’s your most important room in the house. White Themed Kitchens with Concrete Polished Floors are smashing it in the style stakes and there are a few reasons why this look is on point now.

Interiors, and in particular kitchens, are starting to favour a more pared back look. There is a preference for a softer, quieter space with seamless integration of function and design. White Themed Kitchens with Concrete Polished Floors are the perfect base design to create a kitchen straight out of the pages of a magazine.

The light, bright palette of this design trend provides the perfect opportunity for the inclusion of curated wares, another popular approach by savvy decorators. Clever, artfully displayed collections of homewares, ornaments or hand-made pieces provide interest and purpose to the space. Ensure you incorporate open shelving, white of course, and then have fun choosing and coordinating your pieces.

To avoid becoming too minimalist, opt for some point of difference. Choosing polished concrete floors in your kitchen is not only practical but is also the perfect way to add colour, interest and texture to a neutral toned space. You can choose the level of stone to expose, or get creative with the design and finish of the floor. The options will surprise you.

A place to gather with White Themed Kitchens with Concrete Polished Floors by Eco Grind

While metallic finishes and textured tiles are definitely on trend, make sure your emphasis is on quality to ensure the entire look is timeless. Tap ware, basins, countertops and splash-backs are the items you should focus on to stamp the space with your own personal feel. Even the choice of light switches and white appliances can have a big impact.

As a final touch on your White Themed Kitchen with Concrete Polished Floors, warm the space up with plants and a few artisan pieces from your travels. The overall result will be a space where people will love to gather.


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