Summer is well and truly here! Temperatures are at an all-time high. However, there is still plenty of time to get the backyard summer-ready by building or upgrading existing features with some polished concrete. A durable, safe pathway is a vital backyard feature. Polished Concrete Pathways are reliable, durable and allow for a high level of customisation.

The concrete can be poured in virtually any shape to suit a variety of different circumstances. A straight narrow path, a path that winds around obstacles in the yard or a custom design. Any other polished concrete areas, the acid etch driveway, patio or the BBQ area can all be linked by a pathway, creating one giant space. They can all have the same colour scheme and design or customised into something completely different. The whole backward area can be a functional artistic slab that will impress friends and family alike.

Existing paths can be upgraded and repaired. A cracked, old pathway can be transformed by the polishing process breathing new life into the existing slab. Polished Concrete Pathways are dependable and can withstand significant foot traffic and the harsh outside elements.  It’s also stain resistant and won’t chip, peel or fade for years, eliminating the need for costly and frequent maintenance.

Polished Concrete Pathways can have engraved stencils, patterns or mimic other common materials like pavers except without the drawbacks. The smooth, seamless surface prevents ants, weeds and grass taking hold reducing the need for intrusive, time-consuming maintenance. It’s quick and easy to clean without the need for aggressive chemicals and cleaning. The smooth, cooling surface is also pet-friendly, people friendly and has no jagged edges or hazards to injure feet.

Summer showers can be swift and sudden. Any downpours will saturate and turn an ordinary path into a slippery hazard. Polished Concrete Pathways can be treated with non-slip sealers and finishers to increase the grip helping to prevent any nasty falls.

A Polished Concrete Pathway is versatile, durable and easily maintained giving you more time to enjoy the hot sunny months by the pool, having a water fight, BBQ or a hundred other activities that Aussies participate in during the summer months. Make sure to come back here next week for more on how to use polished concrete in backyard features and make your backyard summer ready.