Concrete is an ever-evolving building material. In the last few years, modern advances in decorative concrete have made this formally drab, dull substance into a favourite flooring material for homes and businesses alike, replacing tiles, floorboards and other traditional flooring methods.

Concrete can be coloured and shaped to suit a wide variety of circumstances and needs. When transforming concrete, there are many options available; the two most popular are concrete polishing and concrete floor staining. Which raises the question Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Staining, which one works better?

When deciding Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Staining, the main things to consider are the durability, customisation options, cost and planned usage. Both possibilities achieve a similar result, but it’s the subtle differences that will decide if it’s right for you. The process of concrete polishing uses dyes to colour the concrete, and it goes through the whole material becoming part of it. The colour never fades and is less susceptible to environmental damage. If the polishing process has been done correctly with protective treatments, its longevity increases dramatically. Polished concrete is strong enough to survive in high traffic areas and most industrial settings.

Concrete staining usually involves coating the concrete to achieve a specific look. The stains will penetrate the concrete, and it can have custom graphics or colour combinations. It also isn’t susceptible to peeling or flaking over time. This process does nothing to protect the concrete though; the colour can still fade from normal wear and tear. This method doesn’t hide any blemishes or damage that is already on the floor either. There are two main types of staining. Acid-based, which has limited colours but is more durable. Water-based which has an unlimited number of colours and is not as toxic or dangerous as the acid option.

Polished concrete has extensive styling options with different textures, colours, and finishing options available to suit a wide variety of styles. Saw cuts, custom engravings, and graphics can create a one of a kind floor to suit virtually any dwelling. Pebbles, shards of glass or glitter can also be used to develop something unique. The cost of all this is more than concrete staining though, and the amount of equipment required is extensive. Polished concrete will last longer and requires less maintenance over its lifetime, but it will need resealing after a few years.

Ultimately it comes down to individual circumstances to answer the question of Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Staining. They both have good and bad points that make them suitable for a wide variety of uses; it only matters what is going to work best for your circumstances.



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