Another week of spring is gone, which means everyone has one less week to prepare for the sunny season with stocked freezers, cold drinks and house upgrades. This week in How to use polished concrete to make your back yard summer ready, Polished Concrete Driveways.

Polished Concrete Driveways have many benefits, especially during the hot months. Anyone who has experienced an Australian summer knows that they can reach blood boiling temperatures. Polished Concretes smooth, soothing surface is cold underfoot and can help defeat the heat while also being durable enough to withstand the scorching temperatures. Other materials can warp or even melt under the brutal Australian sunshine.

Concrete is functional and has long-term structural integrity. Its strength and density make it an ideal load bearer, for heavy cars, light cars or whatever you decide to park on it. Concrete has a high yield and stable foundations; it can handle heavy vehicles, high foot traffic and with modern advances in concrete polishing also give your house the appearance of sophistication.

Polished Concrete Driveways take advantage of both the strength and the myriad of design choices available with polished concrete. Driveways are the first thing guests see on entering the house; an old run down path isn’t a great first look. First impressions count.  An eye-catching design will impress whoever decides to visit while also adding both character and curb appeal. Polished concrete has virtually unlimited colour options, textures and can help create a unique Polished Concrete Driveway.

Polished concrete is also easy to clean, at some point during the summer, cars will deposit grime, dirt and other things all over the driveway. The smooth surface won’t harbour dirt or mould and is easy to maintain. The high sheen can also reflect light, natural or otherwise. In summer, more people are out and about. Tourists and other visitors are around in abundance. The surface of Polished Concrete Driveways can help deflect light and potentially deter any unwanted interlopers looking for the cover of darkness.

Polished concrete balances practicality and aesthetic appeal making it ideal for virtually any outside area. Keep watching this space for more on How to use polished concrete to make your back yard summer ready.