Eco Grind - Random Exposure Finish Concrete Floors

Random Exposure Finish Concrete Floors

A Random Exposure finish can be described as a patchy exposure of aggregate (pebbles) which is an attractive look which is suitable for indoor flooring. Random Exposure is a combination of full exposed concrete together with very little exposure, which can create a unique salt and pepper look.

The beauty of a Random Exposure finish is the unique characteristics that each floor can produce, such as visible screed marks, these add little nuances that enhances the appearance and personality of any space.

First of all, creating your Random Exposure floor starts with having the right concrete slab. The concrete slab must be poured as evenly as possible by the concreter, and have a burnished finish. This can be done by a professional concreter using a powered trowel, the concreter must also be careful to eliminate any foot or screed marks.

Eco Grind will then grind enough of the top (usually about 1mm – 3mm), depending on the quality of the existing concrete slab. If the concrete has been poured incorrectly and with anomalies then we may need to grind off more, leaving a result with more aggregate exposure and possibly increase costs. Eco Grind will take all steps to confer with your builder should any irregularities occur.

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Eco Grind - Random Exposure Finish Concrete Floors

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