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Full Exposure Finish

A Full Exposure finish is where the maximum possible exposure of aggregate (pebbles) is desired.

A Fully Exposed finish is absolutely gorgeous, however it is important to note that the evenness of aggregate (pebbles) exposed is absolutely reliant upon the quality of the slab.
This concrete finish can be achieved with a remarkable consistency of aggregate density if the slab is prepared by an experienced concreter who understands the finishing required.
A Full Exposure finish is not difficult to achieve with Eco Grind. A professional concreter who knows how to prevent the markings of footprints and screed bar marks, plus bare edges where the stone may have been pushed to a level that is too low. We grind off a slight amount off the top of the slab (3mm – 5mm) to help achieve the finish. This is suitable to both old and new slabs, but is still reliant on the quality of the original concrete slab.
Ensuring that a consistent slump of concrete mix with each load of concrete delivered will also help to create a consistent density of exposure.
If you desire a full exposure finish for your concrete flooring, it is important to note for yourself, your architect and designer that the quality of the concrete slab is imperative to the overall finish of your floor. With this is mind, Eco Grind cannot be responsible for any imperfections (screed marks, some areas of lower exposure than desired, or footprints marks) due to the original concrete slab.

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